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                                World Contacts

WALG Secretary and Australia Representative Peter Read read1pet@presto.net.au
USA *            Wally Mattson * norcal@leftygolf.org
Canada *       Ron Zimmerman *
England*Alan  Haines*
Germany*      Martin Portner*
Japan *         Tom Waki *
Finland *       Pentti Katainen *
Sweden*       Rolf Ulfengren *
Taiwan *       T.H. Lai * thlai@sunchemical.com.tw
Pakistan*     Saleem Raza* PAKRAZA@LHR.HOL.NET.PK

Ireland*       Jerry Bradley* jrbradley@eircom.net
New Zealand*Bill Sangster nalgnz@xtra.co.nz
Switzerland*  Olivier Thalmann olisat5@yahoo.com

                        Future WALG Championships

24th World Tournament

This will be held in Japan in 2016.  It is being staged in Miyazaki from 18th – 22nd April.

Mizazaki is on one of the most southern islands in Japan, well away from any difficulties associated with the recent tsunami and nuclear problems. 

For those looking for a different golfing experience, this is the place.

Full details of the costs etc will be available towards the end of this year.

25th World Tournament

Our friends down under in Australia will be staging the 25th World Left Handed Golf Tournament.

This special anniversary event will be held in Melbourne in October 2017.

The courses to be played have not been decided.

The tournament headquarters will be at the Pullman Hotel in Melbourne Albert Park.



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